The Thermomix Truth

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The Thermomix Truth

An honest blog of a fellow mother and owner


Hi my name is Katrina,  Hayley recently made contact with me, to ask for a true, real and honest blog about myself and my thermomix, I want to start by telling you that soon after I purchased this appliance I had major regrets and questioned why I just spent over 2K  on it… and why now… I am a Thermomix consultant, so here goes. Most of you would have now heard of ‘the expensive kitchen appliance’, you may have seen them used on Master Chef, heard friends talking about theirs, had a demonstration and then there will be some of you that may already own one.  For those of you that don’t own one and haven’t been to a demonstration I’m sure it’s hard to get your mind around why people are so fanatical about them or why people are willing to hand over $2,089, and I surely did!

In October 2013 I held a demonstration to help a girlfriend practise her ‘presentation’ (she just finished her training). I didn’t have a spare $2,000 lying around to spend it on a cooking appliance and even if I did I would never get my husband to agree to buy one (truly it was just to help her!). But after the demonstration things started to shift for me.  A number of times I thought about becoming a consultant (it was the only way I was going to be able to get my husband to agree to one) but the thought of doing the ‘sell’ kept turning me off. I spoke to a very good friend (a non-owner still to this day) about it one day, she choose her words carefully and neither encouraged me or discouraged me, just kept it real.  I also talked to a random bunch of ladies that had nothing to benefit from the frank discussion and they assured me that the Thermomix sells itself (all of whom were correct).

Just over 6mths after I first saw the Thermomix in action I had the discussion (okay it was more like a mini argument) with my husband about becoming a consultant so that I could have my own Thermomix.  What did I really have to lose? By then I would own one so even if I didn’t sell any I was happy and if I did actually manage to sell a few it would go towards paying for my own (it would also then become tax deductable, hubbies an accountant so that helped the argument).

As it turned out it couldn’t have been a worse time. After I signed up and began training my husband lost his job and I was offered a 4 day job (1-2mth contract which turned into 9mths. So I had to suck it up and be the bread winner for the next few months while hubby stayed home with our 2 children. On top of all of that I also had to learn how to use the Thermomix and the ‘demonstration’. While it was hard I look back on the time and I’m thankful for it. So many good things came out of that challenging time.

I was one rather busy mother juggle 2 jobs and learning all there is about Thermomix. I mastered the demonstration meals quickly and the weeks and first few months fly quickly. I don’t know if it was because I was busy or because it was a totally new way of cooking but the Thermomix was still something that I had to focus on and make a concerted effort to use. It wasn’t until I read The Road to Loving My Thermomix did I stop beating myself up and started to breath and take a moment and start to enjoy what the Thermomix had to offer. I then started to have my own light bulb moments and can now say ‘the rest is history’.

Becoming a Thermomix consultant has given me more happiness than I thought it ever would. I have learnt so much about myself, food and human nature as well.  While at times I’m super busy it has given me more freedom that I thought it would. I feel like I’m now more in control of my own destiny. Before my ‘work’ heavily relies on word of mouth and their being enough money in the companies budgets to hire a ‘freelancer/casual’ staff. Now it doesn’t matter if I have ‘work’ or not as the Thermomix offers me a way to contribute to the family financially and the best thing is that I fit it in around my ‘work’ and family’s needs.

Owning a Thermomix for me has allowed me to be more creative with our meals (no longer the same 6-12 dishes on rotation) as it makes trying new dishes quick, easy and mess free. We are so much healthier as its cut out a lot of hidden sugars not to mention all the preservatives and additives.  I use to cringe at the thought of school food/snacks but now it’s a breeze, even with the ‘NO NUT’ policy.  I have more time to spend with the kids before and after dinner as it cuts down on time spent in the kitchen prepping, stirring etc. as well as cleaning.

Let me shed some light on it for you.

I’m guessing that nearly 100% of those that are reading this will be mothers (maybe grandmothers; but you were mothers first right?) and whether or not you are a stay at home mum, work part time or full time we are all time poor…… Really whether I’m right or whether I’m wrong doesn’t really matter. When there are kids involved one needs to often have meals, snacks or treats ready without fuss and bother.  And sure you have been doing this well without the Thermomix but what if the Thermomix could make everything kitchen/food related even easier?

 Do you have to hide veggies from the kids?

  •      Grates carrots and other veggies in seconds…. 3 seconds in fact

Love chopping onions?  I thought not

  •     chops them in 3 seconds (garlic as well)

Do you buy fruit bars/balls, what about protein balls? You know the ‘healthy’ snacks from the dried fruit or health food section

  •      Make your own in a minute (yes literally a minute if not less) they will cost a fraction of the price with no hidden preservatives or additives and you control the sugars

How much bread/rolls do you go through? How much are you spending on bread and what ingredients are in the bread to make it last 3-7days?

  •      Make your own for about $1 a loaf (or 6 rolls).

For those that are celiac it will cost you about $2 for a gluten free loaf which is the same size as a regular loaf and doesn’t taste like cardboard

  •      No hidden preservatives or additives. You can even add extra goodness like chia seeds, flax seeds etc. etc.

How many times have you been pulled/called away from the kitchen (or just got distracted) and burnt the bottom of the pot?

  •      The Thermomix will shut its self-down after its finished cooking. No more burnt pots to soak and scrub, It will even stir by itself

Do you have the same meals on rotation?

  •      The prompted recipes and recipe platform makes trying new recipes easy, stress free,  quick and mess free.

Dishes – no one loves washing up

  •      It easy to wash…. Also dish washer safe by the way. As it chops, mixes and cooks all in the one bowl, there are a lot less dishes

Take away pizza…. Why not make your own?

  •      Make your own dough in minutes, Kids love to decorate/make their own, for as little as $10 you can have enough to feed your family and maybe even enough dough to make your very own decadent dessert pizza

Peanut Butter, Hazelnut Nut Spread & other nut or see spreads …. Why not make your own?

  •      Made from raw nuts/seeds in minutes, No hidden preservatives or additives. Sugar Free

Almond Meal and Rice flour …. Why not make your own?

  •      1/3 of the price, No hidden preservatives or additives. No fillers

To be honest with you I could bang on about the advantages of the Thermomix and what it can do, but to truly understand what the Thermomix can do and how it can relieve and rejuvenate you in the kitchen your best bet would be to organise your own obligation FREE Thermomix demonstration with 2-3 friends.  Yes obligation FREE and trust me the consultant will only want you to have 2-3 girlfriends come along.

If you would like to book a Thermomix demonstration or inquire more about becoming a Thermomix consultant call 1800 004 838 or you can go to or Hayley  has my details (we are running a couple of great offers at the moment for hosts and discounted business starter kits as well as 12mths interest free).


 Katrina Thermo


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