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Child free opportunities


I just love, how as mothers we stick together!

Yesterday I had a drs appointment, I had my almost 3 year old with me, so my husband met me from his work, and took her for an ice cream, the two women receptionist saw this occur and promptly told me they will book a “double consultation’’ and that I should go get my nails done or have a coffee, and when my husband comes back they will tell him I am still in with the dr, LEGENDS! We as mothers will always make the most of any child free opportunity, and whilst I sat there in the waiting room, child free with a coffee, the peace and quiet, was so enjoyable….

It made me think of all the times, since becoming a mother that I now grasp at just to have child free moments, and they are really enjoyable now, like waxing appointments, I now don’t care about the pain (nothing on child birth) I maintain regular appointments, only because it is an opportunity for a child free hour or so, I lay there covered in hot wax – alone on the bed, with relaxing music and often I could actually fall asleep – heaven!!

OR the times I get to shower alone, and wash my hair... I swear every time I wash my hair (once a week, and only after swimming lessons if I am lucky) someone will say – Oh Hayley your hair looks lovely, did you just get it done?? Ummm no, I just had two minutes free alone to wash it! #truestory

The times Mia falls asleep in the car, and she is not nagging me for mulllk, let it go music, window down, food,  etc. etc.… not child free but it feels like it, and sometimes I pretend it still is ha!

So – what is it you enjoy now that you’re a mum that you didn’t before??



By: Hayley Ingram Date: 2 March 2017 0 Comments

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