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Donna, busy mother of 4

Hi I am Donna, I am a mother of 4 and I run a Family Day care business. To say my life is busy – would be an understatement – there really is not enough hours in the day. With 8 plus children daily food and snacks was a big issue in our house.

Cooking for me was not something I found easy or enjoyable, everyone has different tastes/requests and complained about whatever was being served. I seriously hated meal times!

I recently joined kidsfavouritedinners.com and have found this to be one of the easiest and most helpful tools to use.

Since joining I have cooked 6 different recipe based meals and that is a lot for me..lol. Our children and the extra’s are now excited to see what we are going to have and my husband is in shock.

He made a comment to our 16 yr old the other night “In 26 years I have never praised or recommended her cooking… but this is good!!! You should try it.”

What I really like about this page is…

  • Recipe’s are fine tuned by other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc
  • They do not take overly long to prepare or cook
  • They have taste and are not bland
  • You cut out packaged foods 
  • Help is always at hand on the Facebook page especially for novices like me
  • You have a shopping list

My children will still not eat everything I put on the table but it is definitely better than what it was. At least now they are trying foods and experimenting with taste.

Mother of 4

Jordan, New to cooking 22 years old.

Hi, My name is Jordan, I am 22 and still live at home, so when my partner told me his group of friends were going to start taking it in turns hosting a dinner party one night each week, I felt instantly sick. I felt even more worried when he told me it would be our turn the following week. I am not yet a confident cook and the thought of cooking for a group of people was completely terrifying to me. 

This all changed when I started using the Kids Favourite Dinners website.. As I contacted KFD founder Hayley for help, she recommended a Mexican themed night with nachos as an entree and the famous Mexican lasagne as a main, as featured on the KFD site. I couldn't believe how simple it was to find the recipe, create a shopping list and get to work. The recipe was so simple and easy to follow that even my partner helped make the Mexican lasagne too! We accompanied our Mexican inspired night with a sombrero for each guest and a Margherita mix. The meal was absolutely delicious, his friends loved it and we were all amazed at how something so simple could taste so delicious. We now can't wait until next time to see what meal we can find on KFD to cook up next. The Mexican chicken mole looks delicious! It just goes to show that KFD is not just for little kids, but the big kids too.

Thank you Hayley and Kids Favourite Dinners.

JT Donna
New to cooking 22 year old.