HELP!!! Christmas is fast approaching...

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Okay – so it has to be spoken about… and I am going to start the conversation that we are all dreading…


What are you getting your kids for Christmas this year?


I don’t know about you, but honestly I do not know what to get them, my kids do not need anything, they are way too spoilt and they pretty much get whatever they want, whenever they want – gone are the days where they have to wait for their birthdays, save for it, work for it… and I wonder why they are spoilt?!

I really do try and not spoil them, and they are well mannered, appreciative, good kids… but I just think times have changed, and our kids are just… very LUCKY!

Every year though I am faced with this problem, of thinking of things to get them, so that they have a happy fun, and exciting Christmas day!

Last year, we were away interstate so the gifts they received were experiences, dolphin kayaking, circus class, movie world etc.; and they had minimal things under the tree, but we had a wonderful two weeks doing all of the activities as a family, and they loved it.

This year, we will be home – and I have no clue what to get… and minimal budget!

So – with your help, I would love to hear what you are doing this year for Christmas? We always inspire each other on here for food ideas, meal inspirations and recipes… so why not help with gift ideas too….

OMG I just looked it up… and there are only 61 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes

Count down for ideas is on..

Thank you

Hayley xx

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