Is going 'Viral' the latest TREND?

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Going Viral….

There are so many bloggers out there, so many mummy bloggers, taking extreme measures, all trying to go viral whilst writing about their lives, their partners, their children, their au pairs, EVERY personal detail, information that is a little TOO much if you ask me -quite frankly I am kind of over it! I feel like they are having more babies, just in the hope that it will make them more famous… just to have more content, more intimate moments to share with strangers…Seriously, anyone else wondering this same thing?

I am ALL for keeping it real, but telling me and the whole world all about your 2 minute quickie with your husband, how degrading,!, selfies of close to naked bodies, showing us your labours on snap chat, Instagram videos in the birthing suite…stunts like changing your babies’ name, come on!!!!

Go viral for something worthy – Constance Hall – Legend – raising funds and writing for a reason – to make us all feel like Queens! YES I Salute YOU…

Others – not so much, you can see straight through their strategic posts, where they tag the product they seemingly ‘Love’ but really are being paid to promote, great marketing – I think NOT! Paid to pitch, does it really draw in consumers? It just pisses me off, and I deliberately won’t buy as its not genuine…Do you?

I do promote products, but I am not paid for it, I do it because I  genuinely like the product, food, or whatever and will genuinely think it will benefit you... or your kids ‘that’s it – I will never promote something that is overpriced and ridiculous just for some $$$$ - Where is the integrity ? This is again why CH is a legend, have you ever seen her post what she is wearing? Dress by @Kmart – no NEVER!!! Every other ‘viral ’blogger does!! And I get it, they want to make an income, but I don’t feel it is right to promote anything and everything, stick to who you are, and what you believe in – be REAL, be GENUINE, be AUTHENTIC to yourself and your own personal ‘brand’

I understand there are influencers’ for everything, I just wish they wouldn’t lose sight of the main objective, as getting the best reach is surely better received when things are done in the most authentic way, surely it should be a good fit and easy to incorporate a product into an influencers content if it is something they believe in and are true too?

Nothing annoys me more, than a mummy blogger telling me she loves @revlonmascara when I can clearly see her eyelashes are fake, hearing me?

Don’t go viral and then sell yourself! You can say NO to things…

You don't have to 'just share 'everything




By: Hayley Ingram Date: 3 March 2017 0 Comments

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