School Holidays

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School Holidays.

I love school holidays… well that is not entirely true, to be honest I love the first three days of school holidays where I can stay in Pyjamas, I don’t have to make lunches, or yell at anyone to get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, pack bags etc.… I love those first three days where we can laze about just relaxing, enjoying each other’s company where everyone is happy…… and then after those three days, THEY GET BORED and then I don’t love it so much…

They ask things like… “What are we doing today?” the second they open their eyes…. Or “Can we have a friend over” Just what every parent wants, MORE kids! Or what I love the most… “Can we go to the movies? Shopping? Bowling? Trampoline world?  basically insert all expensive school holiday activities here!! They honestly think I just shake a tree and the money comes falling off it … I mean don’t they realise what hard work is? That I don’t want to spend ALL our money on entertaining them, that maybe, just maybe I might want to stay home with them for two weeks, and they can entertain themselves with like colouring and our bloody trampoline that is FREE? And this is why I only enjoy the first three days of holidays…

Sometimes, I try get creative… and plan ‘Home craft’ like DIY playdough, or couch Movie day… but it seems they are really never happy until we are spending a significant amount of money … So I am wondering what do you do in the school holidays with your cherubs to entertain them, without breaking the bank??

Much love, and GOOD LUCK


By: Hayley Ingram Date: 17 June 2016 0 Comments

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