Restaurants and Kids

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Oh how dinner reservations & dining experiences have changed since the kids have arrived, no longer are they at 8pm, They are always local! No don't you dare even think about ordering entrees, or a bottle of wine... (I'd be lucky to skull a glass of Sav B in between the three visits to the toilet and the numerous times I have to leave my seat to pick up food being thrown off the highchair) It's all about being FAST -  In & out, no mucking around lets just eat and go!

I always get that anxious feeling whenever I make a dinner reservation with the kids in tow it sounds a little something like this " Hi I would like to make your earliest booking possible... What 6pm, Gee that's late! Ok I suppose it has to do! Yes, near the play room, and toilets please!  4 plus a high chair,  and can I pre order my glass of wine for arrival? insert laugh ha!, just joking!  (so not joking!! )"

I load the bags with the iPads', colouring books, pencils, anything to enjoy the 45 minutes we will be there.. and off we go!

On the drive in (an entire 5 minutes.... because as I said, always local!) I ask them "what do they want for dinner" to save the arguing over the menu,... I always lay down the rules... Best Manners! Best Behaviour and Best Listening ears! ..... so optimistic right?

We sit down, I order the kids food right away with my glass of wine! ( Priorities!) I then look at my husband holding the menu, and by look I mean I basically stare him down till he hurry's the hell up and decides what he wants so we can order our main meals! NO I don't want to share oysters, are you kidding me?, NO APPERTIZERS, NO ENTREES!

Usually the kids meals arrive, we order ours.... and finish helping the kids with their meals...

Ours arrive, and this is where they order ice cream... which is great as it buys us time to scoff our meals...

ice cream arrives, they eat that whilst husband pays for the bill .... and there you have it!

I forgot to add, there is always a spilt drink, always!

Cheers to not cooking though !


Hayley xx

By: Hayley Ingram Date: 19 January 2016 10 Comments

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