Mindfulness- what’s the buzz all about?!

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Mindfulness- what’s the buzz all about?!

Recently I was invited along to a Mindfulness course that took place over 4 weeks. I really feel I have to share this with you, as it has affected me in such a positive way. It has not only empowered me to be a more mindful, but it has allowed me to be ‘in the moment 'and enjoy whatever I am doing at the time, wholeheartedly. If I am playing with the kids, nothing else matters at that time and all of my focus, being and energy is with them… and not on work, chores or the long to do list. I feel the balance of work, motherhood and life is on track and I feel calmer and more present. I don’t feel as stressed, anxious or tired… I have been taught mindfulness strategies and meditations to assist me in cultivating the life I want, the life I need and the life I deserve.

I think of it like this, we try hard to ensure we eat well and exercise so we can be healthy and feel good for both our family and ourselves. However, we neglect to look after and learn how to tune our one greatest asset; our mind. The tool we use everyday to experience our world through that governs our thoughts and emotions, which in turn creates our life. If our mind is constantly racing and scattered, then our life will be. If our mind is always focused on the negative, then that’s all we can see. We can be missing all the amazing things in our life. I now understand the importance of learning how our mind works and the mindfulness strategies I can use to help better look after and ‘tune’ my mind.       

It has been a truly amazing experience and one I am extremely grateful for. The learning and incredibly supportive group was wonderful to be a part of and this workshop is something I recommend to everyone – not just mothers. From this experience I believe I am going to be a better person for myself, my children and my partner.


    Here are two simple tips from Emma on how you can start to build mindfulness into your life….

  1. Our children are the best example on how to be mindful and fully present and in the moment. Their minds aren’t whizzing a hundred miles an hour full of worries and to do lists. So spend some quality, focused time with them. Ensure you’re phone is on silent and the TV off. Just enjoy playing a game, colouring etc. and being in the present moment. If you find your mind wandering off to what’s for dinner or the jobs you should be doing, this is totally normal. Just bring your attention back to present moment and the activity you are doing. 
  2.  The power of the breath- practice mindful breathing, all you have to do is stop and be mindful of your breath. Whether you’re in the car, at your desk, at home feeling stressed or anxious or before you go to sleep /wake up. Just stop what you’re doing and follow your breath. Inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. Use it as a pause between activities or when you feel someone or something has triggered you. Do 10 deep breaths in and out before reacting automatically. These short pauses, focusing on your breath will help to bring your awareness to the present moment and away from your chattering mind and worries.  


Want to find out more?   

Round 2 of  ‘Mindful Mums’ workshops begin next week! I am offering a face to face and also an online workshop.  Get in fast to secure your place as numbers are restricted!

Call Emma 0404 830 256 or email mindfulmumsmelb@gmail.com


OPTION #1                                                                          

Duration: 4 weeks

Start date: Monday 22nd August


Location: Watsonia Neighbourhood House   

Cost $120 includes workbook



Duration 4 weeks

Start Date: 24th August

Time: 8 - 930pm

Online via Video Call

Cost $120 includes workbook


Quote ‘Kids favourite Dinners’ to receive $10 off your workshop when you book and pay

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