Mornings... Yelling, Rushing....

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I am a mum who yells…. I try hard not to, but the not listening – selective hearing, especially in the mornings before school… ARGGHH, I hear my self actually saying to them it shouldn’t be this hard!’… but c’mon it really shouldn’t be?!

So today I have made my two eldest a checklist each! They are not having any ‘free time ‘before these items have been DONE!

I am a mum who yells…

I wake up every morning and think, today I am remaining calm, the kids will listen and we will be out the door at 845am without the need for me to raise my voice…

Three kids under 7 that is achievable, right!? WRONG.. EVERY GODDAMN morning, eat your breakfast, get dressed, and BRUSH YOUR TEETH… 1 hour later and after repeating these simple requests what feels like 88 times and I say ok, it is time to go… “and they with the quickest responses all morning shout back– but I haven’t’ eaten breakfast, or brushed my teeth’’… insert red faced yelling mother here.

I am a mum who yells.

I do often apologise to my neighbour for all of the yelling she must have to endure, thank fully she has two children herself and understands, but I am sure the neighbour on the other side whose children have all left the nest, must often wonder what the heck is going on in our house!

I am a mum who yells!!!!

I am going to see if this check list works.

I don’t want to be a mum that yells, but I am !

To all other mums who don't yell, please let me know what your secrets are..

Much love,

H xx

By: Hayley Ingram Date: 30 May 2016 1 Comments

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  • Em Stewart 30/05/2016 2:37pm (3 years ago)

    I am also a Mum who yells.

    I feel like everything I say falls on deaf ears and nobody ever listens unless I have said it more than three times...even then, I am forced to say it a fourth, fifth and sixth. Lately, I have stopped raising my voice at Max as much and if I suspect he hasn't listened / heard what I have said then I will ask him to repeat back what I have just said which actually is working for me!! It still hasn't stopped me having to repeat myself with my husband and at work... maybe I should start using the same technique with them as well!!

    P.S. I never hear you yelling :)