Growing up SUCKS

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growing up

Growing up.

Was there a significant moment in your life, where you thought, I am a Grown up, I have got this sorted, and everything is under control!?

I am 31 years old, I am married, I have a mortgage, three children, I am the founder of Kids Favourite Dinners, and guess what... I  don’t want to grow up, ha!  This shit is HARD!

The decision making, I think that is the challenge It is the constant second guessing and battling between “am I doing the right thing here, because it doesn’t just affect me, it affects my husband and three children too’’ I do it with everything BIG decisions ‘Should we move into a bigger home’ and smaller ones ‘Do we get white bread or wholemeal’ I don’t want to make these decisions really, I just don’t want to grow up, to be perfectly honest… I don’t want to be responsible for this kind of stuff... It all seems, well… to grown up!!

As I sit here sipping my coffee, out of my adult version of a Sippy cup *seriously, who invented these?* I wonder if I am probably needing to woman up, and realise I AM A BLOODY GROWN UP ALREADY…insert uncontrollable laughter!

I still cannot recall the ‘moment’ when it happened? Can you?

I thought I best seek some adult advice on this, haha! So who best to call, than my very mature Dad.. oh you’re all going to love this. He is honest, and often has no tact – which I love mostly. I explained my dilemma too him, and without any hesitation he responded with “Hayley, that is not normal’

On that note, I need to go fold some washing, prepare dinner, and pick up the kids from school… SHIT! I don’t think I can deny it anymore…

Í spent my entire childhood wishing I was older, now I am older and this shit suck!”

Happy Monday,


H x

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