The things they say....

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The funny things kids say!

Normally on Friday’s I like to share a ‘Friday Funny’ moment with you all - usually a meme, or something that has made me laugh about kids, and being a parent! 

The things the kids often say and do are mostly hilarious, and we have to laugh together… right?! My Friday funny today is something my delightful daughter said,  I thought I would share with you all, because it has made me think back on all of the funny things kids my kids have said over the years.. and I am hoping to laugh about this, at some point... before I cry!!

Every morning, I shower with an audience, always one of the three, or my husband coming in to ask annoying questions – “where are my socks?”- “can you help me get dressed”… “Milllllllk More”! Love, did you say you are going to the shops today? YES BUT ASK ME LATER MAN!!! Apparently I can do so much for them when I am trying to have a two minute shower… I guess I am used to it though, and have learnt to save my nice relaxing showers for night times when they are in bed!

This morning, after getting out of the shower wasn’t so funny for me though, as it was at my own expense, but to my 8 year old daughter – this was hysterical!


why are your boobies...........



Insert hysterical laughter from her!

I wanted to scream, THEY ARE SO LONG BECAUSE OF YOU THREE RATS!!! But I just ignored her, and told her to go get ready for school! Why are they so long… wow! Thank god for a good bra these days, hey!!

So, now I am interested…. And kind of need to feel better and have a laugh after this mornings…. Discovery of now being Hayley Long boobs!

What is the funniest thing your child has said??

Happy Friday - Hayley xx

By: Hayley Ingram Date: 9 September 2016 0 Comments

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